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Liquidity Pools

Weekly Payout Announcement

Weekends are payout day for the World of Smelly Koala!

World of Smelly Koala Telegram Game Payout
Card Battle RPG Game using NFTs

236 KC / 66 WAX
Play: https://t.me/cskdrops

KCHAT Communities and Farm
KCHAT Communities KPASS provides benefits such as FREE NFTs from various collections and KCHAT tokens for kind, meaningful chats on participating WAX telegram communities (42 groups)
Koala Farm produces daily KCHAT tokens passively.

KCHAT Payout :heart: PAYOUT: 2730 KCHAT 386 WAX
KOALA FARM Payout :sunflower: PAYOUT: 57 KCHAT 9 WAX
Telegram Group: https://t.me/kchathq
Buy KCHAT Pass: https://go.worldofsmellykoala.com/joinkchat
START KOALA FARM for DAILY PASSIVE KCHAT token: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-farm
Read about KCHAT Communities: https://go.worldofsmellykoala.com/kchat

KOALA Rewards
A loyalty program for owning World of Smelly Koala / Guest assets.
Mine free KPOINT daily.
Support Collections and Pools

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609 KPOINT sent.
Claim reward: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-rewards

World of Smelly Koala Metaverse Tokens are on ALCOR Swap

KOALA coin, powers entire World of Smelly Koala Metaverse. Currently a game token of the World of Smelly Koala Telegram Battle Game.

KCHAT coin, powers our social community initiative for kinder and more meaningful chats. Used in KCHAT Communities on Telegram and Koala Farm on the web.

KPOINT coin, powers our KOALA Rewards initiative whereby holders of our NFTs and of guest collections mine for daily KPOINT.

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