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Liquidity Pools

Presenting KOALA Arcade

Pleased to announce KOALA Arcade.

This marks a milestone for World of Smelly Koala.

Our vision has always been to craft experiences that are fun, engaging, and skills-based. Crypto gaming need not be limited to the realms of clickers!

Powered by the KOALA Rewards system, each player will receive 2 free tokens per day. If you provide liquidity at our official KOALA, KCHAT, KPOINT / WAX LPs at ALCOR, you’ll get an extra token for every set of 100 across all 3 LPs, up to a maximum of 3 extra tokens a day.

Introducing our first game, KOALA Match. This game pits you against a heart-pumping time limit of 90 seconds to find as many matches as possible. Each successful match awards you with 0.02 KPOINT!

Note: Make sure pop-up windows are enabled, or else you may lose your token! Anti-cheating measures are in place. Have fun and play fair!


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