⚠️There seem to be a particular api error for nfts. KOALA Reward is affected.⚠️
Liquidity Pools

Launch of KOALA Rewards

🚀Pleased to announce, KOALA Rewards IS HERE! 🙌

KOALA Rewards is a loyalty program for owning ANY official World of Smelly Koala assets.
Be awarded with a fixed amount of KPOINT daily. 🎉
As long as you hold any of our official NFTs or is contributing to our official liquidity pools, you may be eligible for KOALA Rewards
10 NFTs or 100 NFTs? It doesn’t matter!

KPOINT? Swap for WAX or buy NFTs on NFT Hive or HODL. You decide!
Claim Rewards NOW: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-rewards

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