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KOALA Rewards Enhancement

Today we would like to enhance the future of KOALA Rewards and its token KPOINT.

After 4 months in operation, we are humbled by the 77k nfts staked across various collections! This is inline with our vision of kindness, love and joy where inclusivity is central.

It doesnt matter if you are a fish, whale or anything in between, in World of Smelly Koala, you are our valued player!

Here are some upcoming changes to take us into the mature phase of the system.

We are mining 400+ KPOINTs per day. As the sole producer of KPOINT, this gives us the privilege of assuring it remains a token to be treasured. Upon reaching 500 per day or Aug 2023, which ever earlier, the total KPOINT per day will be reduced monthly.

To ensure continued inclusivity, we will increase the Base Reward Rate (RR) incrementally at the same time. This helps players with fewer nfts get more RR.

With this, RR will no longer be fixed to 1 : 0.01 KPOINT. We will fix the RR at the start of each month as per our current usual monthly adjustment exercise.

We are blessed to have seen KPOINT grew from its intended plan of 0.001 WAX to 0.16 WAX, a 160 times above plan. These new implementations will complement our effort to strive for maximum sustainability!


Kindness, Love and Joy
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