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Liquidity Pools

KOALA Rewards Boost Update

KOALA Rewards Update

brsketchart1 schema sketchart23: 0.12 Boost
(As an appreciation for the free KPASS drop. Pleased to announce that Sketch ART NFTs are now mining KPOINTs under KOALA Rewards with a boost of 0.12.)

amigos2space: 0.13 Boost
(In addition to the multiple KPOINT nft drops, a free KPASS drop has been done too. amigos2space has been increased to 0.13 Boost.)

Boost ratings reflect the involvement level of the collections with the World of Smelly Koala ecosystem and hence may change from time to time.

KOALA Rewards is a loyalty program for owning ANY official World of Smelly Koala assets and NFTs of guest collections.
Be rewarded with a fixed amount of KPOINT daily. 🎉
As long as you hold any of our official NFTs or is contributing to our official liquidity pools, you may be eligible for KOALA Rewards
10 NFTs or 100 NFTs? It doesn’t matter!

KPOINT? Swap for WAX or buy NFTs on NFT Hive or HODL. You decide!
Start Mining KPOINTs for FREE NOW: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-rewards

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