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KOALA Rewards Boost Update

KOALA Rewards Update 30 Jul 23

As we navigate the new implementation of full collection inclusion and dynamic Reward Rating (RR) to KPOINT, it is important that we continue to observe the data and adjust in a gradual and responsible manner.

Find below the latest changes that will be valid for at least a week.

Galactic123 collection RR 0.07 to 0.05
Funman collection RR 0.1 to 0.07

World of Smelly Koala is nothing without its players. To further recognise the love of our LP contributors,

KOALA / KCHAT / KPOINT lp RR is increased 8 to 10 per 100 token.

As we continue to receive more data, prudent measures can be eased accordingly.

RR to KPOINT rate is increased 0.002 to 0.0022

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