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Liquidity Pools

KOALA Arcade - KOALA Hack

Pleased to announce our THIRD GAME for KOALA Arcade.


Koala Intelligence have reported increased EVIL CATS activity. They are relentless and want everyone to be squeaky clean and sad.

Sneak into their CPU and hack their funds. Use it for Kindness, Love and Joy. And of course STENCH!

Can you escape their firewall? ( hint: listen to the warning )

Our vision has always been to craft experiences that are fun, engaging, and skills-based. Crypto gaming need not be limited to the realms of clickers!

Powered by the KOALA Rewards system, each player will receive a free token per day. If you provide liquidity at our official KOALA, KCHAT, KPOINT / WAX LPs at ALCOR, you’ll get an extra token for every set of 100 across all 3 LPs, up to a maximum of 3 extra tokens a day.

https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-rewards ( Click on KOALA Arcade after logging in. )

Kindness, Love and Joy
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