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Liquidity Pools

KCHAT Farming 300 Days Celebratory Release

In celebration of our 300 DAYS of KCHAT Farm on Web operations, we are releasing 50 KCHAT Common Farmers.

This allows you an opportunity to blend up to 20% reward per year. (Basic is at 12% reward) Common farmers mine 0.01 KCHAT per day.

Dont wait as common farmers are usually sold out fast.

World of Smelly Koala NFT Features

✅ KOALA Farm KCHAT Farmer
✅ KOALA Rewards – KPOINT Mining
✅ KOALA Feed Mini Game
✅ KOALA Web Game
✅ KOALA Blend (For rarer NFTs)

BUY for 30 KCHAT: https://nfthive.io/drop/nfthivedrops/1169
START Farming: https://worldofsmellykoala.com/koala-farm/

KCHAT Farmer
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