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world of smelly koala πŸ’•

At our core, we believe in a world where kindness, love, and joy are the bedrock of our shared humanity.
Every decision we make is driven by a relentless pursuit of quality player experience and sustainability, guided by the utmost prudence.
Established. 2021
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KOALA coin 🐨

Powers the entire World of Smelly Koala Metaverse. Currently a game token of the World of Smelly Koala Telegram Battle Game.

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KCHAT coin 🌎

Powers our social community initiative for kinder and more meaningful chats. Used in KCHAT Communities on Telegram and Koala Farm on the web.

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philanthropy 🎁

Since July 2021, we have been making personal monthly donations to the United Nations World Food Programme to share the blessings from our iniitative.

responsibility ⚠️

World of Smelly Koala is not an investment. It is a community initiative for a better tomorrow. No promises are made.

Kindness, Love and Joy
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